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Lynx Aka. Souless
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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
11:56 am



Randy "Sabertooth" Schilling's early video of his first attack (hint.. he's in the chair)


Just for you Bash




for you azreal..if you ever read this....


sweet a free game....
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
4:35 am
Time to speak my mind.....HUGE UPDATE
First off let me say this, I've been seperated from my wife sence Thanksgiving of last year and I'm accually enjoying myself. I've had alot of people ask me what happened, I've told them, and then alot has said that I can do better. I know I can now after going through what I have. My grandma isn't up to par as she once was. :(

But now I gotta speak my mind about a post. Valen brought up a post on myspace.com she saw from one of the workers. She told me how most of the first one was about me. I gotta speak my mind on it now. Normally I just let things slide. But here is the link so you can read first....

It's titled ...An Essay of the MWO


After reading this, I was seriously pissed off. I accually still am but its a free country, and I'm just going to state my side of the story.

At that particular show I was asked to start a new Masked character. I of course agreed and proceded to get a mask. After I returned, it came to my knowledge that I was in a match against Hadies(Tony). No problem I thought. We asked the writer who was going over. Now let me point out the fact, that I don't care if I go over or job. I've jobbed to just about everyone in the MWO. He first said that I was going over. All of a sudden one Indy worker stepped up and said that because Tony is a vet, I should job to him. Let me mind you that he had no idea that this was going to start a feud between tony and myself. After he complained to Jason, Jason asked who was supposed to go over. We both replied that I was supposed to but then again he pointed out that Tony was a vet. After a few moments Tony said we should go to a draw. I said ok and then that was that. While we was getting ready I asked how I might be able to get on the Indy circuit, because I've done a couple of Indy shows. Let me point out not once, NOT ONCE, did I ever mention that I was trained. I know he was thinking that he was the shit, and mr. big shot, so he tested me. He asked me where I worked. I told him the NWA in virginia. www.nwablueridge.com is the web address if anyone wants to check it out. I did two shows for them in Kingsport, Tenn. If anyone doesn't believe me I dare you to call Sampson's Gym in St. Paul Virgina. Ask for Mike Sampson(otherwise known as The Iron Cross) or look up Stan Lee (1/2 of the WWF tag team The Beautiful Blondes)in Kingsport Tenn. But after I told him I wrestled there he decided to test me more. He aske me to put him in a move. I admit I didn't do the arm bar he asked. I will admit I don't know chain. I am trying to learn it and I'm very greatful for for those that are taking the time. He then laughed at me and said "Your no indy". Now I know better to accually say something to the vets, but if I remeber right, Kurt taught us backroom manners. I always try to follow it, so I bit my tongue. Its now time for our match. We had our opening and finisher talked out. We went through most of the match alright. A few blown spots but then again no one is perfect. Now it was time for our Finisher. We talked and said that it was going to be a double ko because of a double neck-breaker. Now I should of spoke up and asked to practice it first, but do to pure stupidity, I didn't. I didn't lock up with him right and I didn't turn right, so I landed full force on his head. He had to be carried to the back, here I thought that he was still in gimmick, and then helped outside. At this time I only knew a lil that was going on. After about a min outside he blacked out completely. Man did I feel like shit just watching that. Now the entire time I TRIED to help but both XJ and Kaoss told me to stay out of it. After he awoke, due to them throwing ice cold water on him to wake him up, I appologized and asked if I can help. Tony then said its ok and then wanted some help to the bathroom. XJ and another gratefully helped to it and at the same time Kaoss got in my face and started to yell at me. First off everyone knew I was feeling bad because I hurt someone unintentionally. He started yelling at me to start thinking and that I should of never tried that in the first place. Let me point out I know that it should never of been atempted but we wanted the crowd to love the match. Through out that nite I tried to help but kept on being pushed away from tony because of XJ. After all that I pushed myself away and tried to stay away from everyone. Thank god for my friend Paul(Bulldoza). Him and Shawn(Levi Blue) kept telling me accidents happen. Man did I fell like crap for two weeks because of that. Tony had to do a special show at my work(Celebrations) and I was scared to see him. I thought that I was gonna get an ass whoopin then. But as soon as I saw him we shaked hands and said that Shit Happens. I felt alot better after hearing that. Now thats my side as well as a follow up. Now if anyone wants to complain about me, You know where I am or you know when you'll see me. Tell me then. Don't try to be all cocky and say shit here, be a man and say it to their face. I admit I was at wrong with what happened to my friend hadies.

Who knows, maybe I'll update again soon....
Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
12:42 pm
ok update time...
Well I guess its time for an update. Well first off lets just say that this is the first time I've hated christmas and for well obvious reasons. My uncle was in town too and boy that didn't help my situation either. I've finally got a handle on my money situation and finally got my licence taken care of. As soon as I get plates and insurance on my car its smooth sailing for me. Christmas sucked and some parts it didn't. I got to party with my friend Elvis (Gionni) on christmas eve and saw alot of old friends. That made me remember who my friends are. I didn't get anything special for christmas but I'm waiting for my Christmas presant from Heather. She said that she was going to get the annulment papers taken care of and as soon as that happens, my live will begin anew. The next show is the 14th and I heard I might accually have to wrestle my best friend (Torment) for the first time. That might be interesting. Oh well back to doing what I do best. Wait for the mail.


Current Mood: confused
12:34 pm
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Wow...I'm even with about everything. Man I'm F*cked up in the head.
Monday, December 19th, 2005
1:49 pm
I need to say this.....
For everyone that saw how I was sat. and at least tried to cheer me up, Thank you. I know I've been going through alot and sat. was a great test to me. I was also confronted and was told about how I was on sunday. I agree I went way over the line with what happened and I appologised to that person. Let me tell everyone this. Not now or have I ever steped inbetween 2 people dating. Never have and I know I never will. Nor will I atempt to date someone I have met at a show. I hope that clears it up slightly but I assured the one person that I won't have any contact with either unless its a show related item. I hope that sometime soon all my problems will be over with but it will only take time and I can only ask that you bear with me. I only know of 2 others that have been through or are going through this hell, and I know that they are trying to help me. HELL YEA I STILL LOVE HEATHER AND THAT WON'T CHANGE. I can only hope I can now get on with my life.
Monday, December 12th, 2005
11:50 am
Thank GOD......I really needed that
Yesterday was my first MWO show being back in Michigan. I suprised alot of people being back. I'm glad that the people that did know I was back kept it a secret. Thanks guys. I got there really early(8am) at Terri's Lounge. Little did I know that I was suppose to meet over at Levi's house. But slowly they all came in and I was met by alot of smiles and welcome backs. The biggest suprise of them all was Draven and Klayton though. I'll admit even never seen eye to eye but I showed the respect that they deserved and they showed me respect as well. I could accually say that for once I was privledged to wrestle again. Little did I know what I was doing that nite but I was extremely happy that I was in a match. After I found that out I voulenteered to do a spot and get beat up really good to make the CMW look good. Suprisingly to everyone, including me, I have now been labeled the "MWO HERO". Well at least now I have a somewhat gimmick. I felt my match went well but I just couldn't get my hands right on Guy for some spots and I'm sorry to Dustin Devine, I'm not saying anything about you but my arms and not long enough to fit completely around you my friend. What was really suprising to me is that I had to fill in for my friend The Bash. He's been through hell this past weekend and he basicly got dicked yesterday. I don't blame him for taking the nite off but I feel like I did him justice for what I did. Just 5 inches shorter. (Damn dryer's lol) But all in all it was a great show and I was excited to be back. I'm glad to of seen everyone again and I can't wait for sat. Although I'm sore as hell. After the 3 weeks of no sleeping, and the stress that my soon to be ex-wife has put me through, I'm glad for everything that happend to me yesterday. Headshots and all. Have fun everyone

your former zero, now MWO HERO

Thursday, December 1st, 2005
5:33 pm
where do i begin...
Well I'll start with the good news. I'm ok and I'm back in michigan.

Now the bad. Unless you was really close to me, you didn't have much idea what happened to me in Virginia. I'll start from my wedding night, Jun 23, 2005. After we was married we was asked to move in with her step-mother in Big Stone Gap Va. After a whole night of Heather begging me I gave in and said sure we can. 2 days later we moved. After 9 & 1/2 hours we finally arrived and after driving 7 & 1/2 of it I was tired and went straight to bed. After a couple of hours I woke up and began to help unload the cars, but unaware to me they had already done that. So after I noticed that, the older brother(cheyenne) and myself drove into town to find a job. I wasn't gone 20 min before my wife called yelling (yup, already) and told me to bring HER car back. Luckily enough I was talking to the Chief of the Fire Dept. and he understood what was going on. A month later I was hired onto the Fire dept. and the rest about that is history. Now during the 5 months I was there, things happened. I went through 3 jobs.

1. Wal*mart - I was there for 2 weeks before Heather said "Lets go back to Flint. It's not working for us here." So being a loyal and faithful husband, I quit. The next day her step-mom and oldest brother sits us down and begin to tell us that we are NOT leaving. After yelling at us for about an hour and saying that we wasn't leaving no matter what because she can damage our car so we can't even drive it. Heather says "we can stay and we should be able to make it last." So I swallowed my pride and tried to get back into Wal*mart to only find out that my job has already been filled and I can still reapply when I feel like it. My job was filled after a day???? What kind of b.s. do they think that they can pull over me??

2. Wendy's - After 2 weeks of searching I finally found a job at wendy's. I was here for about a month and a 1/2 untill Heather and I was going to be coming back to Flint again. This time we was going to come but something was going on in her head. I don't know what but something. Because just a few days before leaving she gets busted at her job for selling Alchool. I'll get back to that in a moment.

3. R&S Helping Hands - I enjoyed the weeks worth of work I did here. Unfortunately I was let go by the owner's husband. I was only told to clean up and make sure the house was clean when I was working. All the meds. and everything else was done with the other worker with me. So because of my lack of knowledge I was let go.

Back to what happened to me. If it wasn't everyday, it was every other day we was argueing. I was getting yelled at for, Not cleaning out the kitty litter, not keeping our room clean, Setting the alarm clock for her the wrong time, Spending money (I'll touch more on this in a sec.), Talking to friends. Now with me most know. If I'm in a situation that could possibly be more than argueing, I'll walk away so that everyone can have time to cool down. That helped with Heather and me, but not her Step-mom or brother.

Now I was getting yelled at for spending money. One time I found $5 on the ground and I used that to rent a game that I thought that she might have wanted to play. But instead I got yelled at and she said I could of used that for gas instead of a game. Excuse me. I'm sorry if I try to bring some sort of happiness into our lives. Then she yelled at me for spending some money on some cards. I'm sorry if this was one of the only points I could get along with her brothers. I'm sorry if we have bills, (even though most ARE yours) and I would like to take a breather once in a while.

Ok now lets get back to her bother for a min. The Oldest (Cheyenne) is only 15. When Heather and I argued, somehow he always knew about what and why. He only see's one side of a story and never tries to listen or acknowledge both sides. One time I was on the brink of leaving Heather and I was watching some of their day-care kids. I admit first off, I shouldn't of been on the phone while watching them but I was worried about my marriage. While I was on the phone 2 of the kids get on the porch and knocks over the wooded gate that was suppose to hold them in. Luckily one of his friends came over and saw the girls and stoped them before going into the road. I'm very thankful for that. But after he got home I got cussed out by not only the mother but him as well. I admit I was wrong and sorry but there's nothing I can do about it now. On that day he treatened to kill me. I knew something eventually was going to happen. After months of argueing and him saying that he was going to do something it happened. Nov. 23, I just had an agruement with heather. Her car (the one I told her not to buy) broke down. I was yelling at her because I told her that it was not a good idea to get that car in the first place. After walking downtown, posting on my livejournal.com account, and walking back he was there in the living room waiting for me. I started to walk back into my room when he starts to yell at me. To avoid this, I start to walk away. I took one step before he says, "don't you dare turn your back on me and walk away!". So I stop and turn around. Again he starts on yelling at me saying that I had no right to argue to heather about the car. He thought that I was argueing about the towing of the car. But instead of argueing with him I just stood there and listened. After a moment, He lept towards me and threw me in a choke-hold. I was luckily able to get one hand up so I could at least breathe. He kept on saying to tell me "Tell me Please let me go". Finally Heather came out of our room to see me in the choke hold. Heather tells him to let me go and he finally does. After I stood up his mom started to yell at me. Saying that I'm only using my grandmother back home, I'm only on the fire dept. because I get off seeing people in missery. And as soon as she said that Cheyenne suckered punched me in the ear. I got me hard enough to split my ear and make a whole in it. Instead of just ignoreing the fact I walked out and went to the closest pay phone. I wasn't going to be stupid so I called the cops and had planned on pressing Assult charges on him. Luckily enough Heather talked me out of it and I droped the charges.

Ok. Now to tell you about the Mother. I will tell you she is quiet. But for some odd reason I didn't like it. I was getting yelled at from her saying that We was staying no matter what, I was accused of looking up porn on the internet(eventually they found out it wasn't me but one of Cheyenne's friends), Accused of only being on the fire dept. only because I liked to see people suffer, a lazy ass cause I didn't have a job before I left (I'm sorry if that entire town is all people that own their buisness's and a Grocery store. Nobody's hireing.)and even got yelled at for how bad my sun burn's was when I went to mississippi for the Katrina effort. I'm sorry but, people heal after a while. I can't help it if I didn't come back home looking as red as I did when I was down there. The owner even thought that I might of had to go to the hospital. No health innsurance? No way in hell. I admit I did deserve the yelling about the day care kids but I didn't need anything else.

At night time, it was basicly the only time heather and I able to be with each other. We would go out to the kitchen and get us something to eat and then go back into our room. One night she pulled out a fuse that turned everything off on us. The fridge went off too and I was worried that the food might spoil. I asked her to check the box and boy did I get cussed out for that. Then there was times the Cable would go out as soon as one got back from work.

I'm just glad I'm back now. I gave up alot for her but I can't say she did the same for me. She plans to stay down there but she's worried about me cheating on her. She shouldn't be worried about me. I'm more worried about her. I'm afraid that she's going to go back to her old ways. I'm now planning a divorce from her. I can only hope to try and get my life back on track again.

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
10:01 am
Coming next week, and its HUGE!!!

P.S. Happy Turkey day....and for those turkey's.....!!RUN!!

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
3:53 pm
What the Hell??
What in the hell is going on?? First I'm forced to stay here in Virgina by law.....Then my best friend goes through 4 seizure's (one day I'll be able to spell that) and then my other friend has surgery on his tooth. Why is this all happening?? Can't there every be some week or month that nothing bad happens??? Seriously. I would love to see a perfect week. All I can do is hope for that I guess. Who knows whats next

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
7:09 pm
Update here...
Well I was planning on suprising all my friends Sat. at Trick or slam but something happened. I'm going to try to be back a lil after the 15th now. Hopefully I'll be there soon.

Current Mood: blah
9:45 am
just great....
Well the plans I had this weekend might of just went down the tube. I'll find out definate today. I'll keep you all updated.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:44 pm
ki ki ki ma ma ma
Something big is going to happen this weekend. Stay tuned.

Can anyone guess the movie my title is from and why its like that?

Current Mood: ecstatic
Friday, October 21st, 2005
4:45 pm
Well over the past couple of days, Heather and I have hit it rough. I had made plans to go back to mich. and start over. It's really getting bad for me. But her and I talked alot last nite and we came to an agreement. If by the End of Feb. or March I'm not happy, We'll pack up and go back to Mich. If it stays like it is, I'll be back soon. Who knows right? If that wasn't bad I just found out that the company that I was wrestling for...Folded. NWA Blue Ridge. So unfortunately the show I was going to wrestle in on Nov. 5th has been cancelled. But I was invited to the Oct. 22nd show of NWA Virginia. Dusty and Dustin Rhodes, The Midnight Express, "The Nature Boy" Buddy Landel, and Chris Danniels is all schedualed. But because I don't have a Virginia wrestling licence, I can't do it. DAMN. Anther update soon.

Current Mood: confused
Monday, October 17th, 2005
9:18 am
Sence its been a while, I think I'll update. I've been back from Mississippi for a about 2 weeks now and I'm glad. It was a terrible mess and I couldn't believe what I saw. I didn't feel that safe either sence everyone I work with was drunk 24/7 anyways. I'm now working in the mornings and I couldn't be happier. (I can accually watch wrestling now) My wife and I got another car. My wife and I have christmas plans now and we couldn't be happier. And Today I start my first Class for the Fire Dept. Even though I don't need this class, I feel that it will help my mother in-law. Its an EMT class. I've finally experienced my fire serious fire and not suprisingly, I hurt myself. I was moving a 3" hose out of the road and sence I wasn't paying any attention, I fell into a ditch backwards. It knocked the wind out of me but thats not the worse part. I also hit my head on a rock. THANK GOD for our helmets. Sence I'm a hard headed S.O.B. I just got up and started working. I almost passed out and was forced to have the Rescue Squad (EMTs) put me on oxygen for an hr. They also told me not to go into work. After all that excitement though I found out my picture was taken at the fire to be put into the local paper. Its nothing exciting, just me puting on an air tank for one of the guys. Well its time for me to go and spend some time with my wife.


----Funny and True Law in Virginia----

If your underwear band is showing above your pants, and its not apart of your pants, its a $50 fine.

Current Mood: calm
Monday, September 26th, 2005
11:52 am

is a Tall Chef Ninja that has a Computer for a Brain, a Metal Jaw and Extra Climbing Gear, catches Shuriken in Mid-Flight, and Shivers Uncontrollably when Cold.

Strength: 7 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 7

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defeat Foriegnlynx, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Foriegnlynx using

Well I've did this ninja burger twice now against both Lydia and Haddix. I've kicked both of there asses. :D But anyways, I found out that I'm leaving at 5 am Tues. morning for Mississippi. I'm apart of the relief effort. I'm going to be gone for a few weeks but hopefully I'll be doing this a while. I get paid $1,000 - $1,500 a week. (Sweet) And with this money we'll be definately paying off our bills. Now I'll be away from this for a while so I've got a few things to say to a few people.

Basher- I hope your marriage is nothing more than bliss. I will be visiting you soon and hopefully I can see a whole new MWO.

Levi- The talks about getting married and all the advice about wrestling was greatly appriciated and used still. I can only hope to be a great wrestler like you and Kurt wanted.

Kurt Kaoss- I hope the hurricanes didn't hurt your financal situation or your wrestling carrer but keep wrestling. I will make you proud of me one day.

Torment- You are and always will be my best friend. I wish I could hangout with you again but as you know, I'm here. I hope everything goes well for you.

Tara- Congrats on the baby and hopefully I'll be able to see the little one soon.

Heather- I love you with all my heart everyday and hopefully I'll be able to support us for the rest of our lives. I can't wait for us to have kids but when we do, I'll know we're ready.

Everyone else- If you are in the mwo, I miss you guys and hopefully I'll see you all soon. And if your a friend... You know my number...Don't be afraid to call.

Well this is my last post for a little while. I'll type later.

Current Mood: calm
Monday, September 19th, 2005
2:17 pm
Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
7:55 am
could you please at least give me the kindness of a reach around next time??
Well I have been screwed again. Originally I was going to be going to Mississippi this week and make between $1,000 and $1,500 a week. I called the lady yesterday afternoon and found out that they already left Monday. I wish she would of fucking called me to go. I've been waiting for that damn call. Oh well. Things are finally getting better for us. I work at Wendy's (again) and Heather's got a better job herself. I've been called on 9 fires now and the chief told me to keep up the good work. :D I can't wait to be fully trained and fight the fire's from the inside. Oct. 8th is coming up and a good friend of mine is getting married (Jason "The Bash" Clouse). Both Heather and myself wishes that we could go but unfortunately we both have to work and are in some serious debt problems. I keep seeing people who are close look alikes of people from Mi. Am I loosing my mind?? I hope Kurt's ok. I know he lives in FL. and he's been posting on his lj but I hope everything in his personal life is good. Hey doza.... if your reading this bro don't forget, at least 1 match we gotta be a tag. Well thats my life for the moment.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
12:56 pm
Well I finally talked to the person I needed to about going to clean up Mississippi. She told me everything is in order and that I'd be leaving about the 15th or 16th. But the thing is I'd be gone for 2 weeks to 3 weeks. But after that time is up I'd have a choice if I'd want to go home or stay longer. Also this morning at about 8 am My pager went off about a fire alarm. It was at the retirement home. An elderly lady thought that her heater was about to catch on fire. Luckily we used the camera and found out that everything was ok. I'd hate to think how we would have to help those people out of the building. But as for right now...no real fire. I hope that it does stay that way.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
5:02 pm

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4:49 pm
What a Day!!!
Well I've had my pager for the fire dept. for a while now and its finally gone off. Not 1 time but 3 times today. (sheesh) 1st call was for an accident. A guy ran off the road, over a 10 ft. hill and landed on all tires. He was seriously hurt but nothing serious. 2nd call was a smoke report at the local museum. Nothing but the smell was found. We believed that the old water heater kicked in and possibly made the smell. But after that we all got together and said that if that place did catch fire(its made entirely of wood. Build early 1800's).... Either it would burn to the ground or because it's conected to the city's main water line... everything would be damaged beyond repair. And finally the 3rd call. I get to the station before I here that the call was 1022'd. Meaning that it was cancelled. Turns out a kid at a school decided to be a smart ass and pull the fire alarm for fun. I'm still waiting on a real fire but on the upside, I was asked to go to Mississippi and possibly florida to help clean up. $1,000 in pocket per week. We really need it. But oh well for now. My wife and I are still argueing but hopefully it'll get better. I miss home but I'm making do. I'll give you all another update soon.

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